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Design & Production Software

Flexi Software

We recommend FlexiSign products because of the powerful design features and this proven software has over 20 years of industry experience driving state-of-the-art equipment available today.  Flexi is ideal for integrating equipment from various vendors.   Don't be fooled by it's user friendly interface, this software can handle bitmaps and line art efficiently, and give you total control of the graphics and quality you put forth.


Flexi Subscription Price Increase April 2022, Call for details.  Save with an annual Subscription!

VinylMaster Software

Tools & Features in VinylMaster Xpt


Major Modules

- Special Effects and 3D Shading Tools & Features 

- Auto Numbering (Serialization)

- Font Detective (Font matching and management)

- Mask Editor (Image background removal)

- RIP and all related tools and features (dozens of tools)


Major Tools

- Advanced Welding Tools

- Additional Distortions

- Advanced Curve Editing Tools

- Power Clips

- Object & Image Opacity/Transparency

- Templates

Text features

- Numbered & Custom Bullets

- Indent Text

- Advanced Paragraph Tools


Image Editing

- Duo Tone & Sepia Effects

- Advanced Image Distortions

- Pixel Editing



- Reposition Module for Contour Cutting


Additional VinylMaster Xpt Extras

- Additional 7,670 Clipart (17,279 total)

- Additional 3,400 Fonts (13,900 total)

- Additional 42,000 Logos (82,000 total)

- Additional 441 Road Signs (1,500 total)

- Additional 1,184 Textures (2,348 total)


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