Flora Flatbed Printing Systems


The Xtra 2000HUV 80″ Hybrid UV LED Printer


The Xtra2000H printer is perfect for shops that don’t have enough space to have a full flatbed UV printer but still need the capabilities of one. The printer has a vacuum conveyor belt and tables front and back that make it easy to switch from rigid material to roll material. When not in use the tables fold up and wheel out of the way for easy storage.

The printer is equipped with built in LED light boxes to enable previewing of back lit prints on the printer as it is printing. The vacuum is controlled with a foot petal on both the front and the back of the unit allowing a single operator to load large boards.


Flora PP2512UV 4’x8′ UV Printer – Konica 1024i  Heads


White ink, Color-White-Color, & Varnish print capability

The 2512UV comes standard in a 4 Color configuration. Optional white, Light Magenta, Light Cyan and Varnish inks are available. Satisfy different customers needs with high speed, high resolution, special white and varnish applications on different substrates.

  • Configurable with up to 8 colors

  • Grayscale Print Heads, Variable Drop size 6pl to 18pl

  • Speed up to 1,000 SFPH

  • Handles Rigid Substrate up to 3.9″ thick

  • 4’x8′ True Flatbed with 4 Vacuum Zones