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Mutoh UV and Hybrid Printers




The Mutoh PerformanceJet 2508UF 4’x8’ UV/LED Flatbed printer excels in performance quality and value. It‘s standard staggered four print head design – field upgradable to six heads when adding white and varnish inks – provides high print speeds and the dual UV lamps on both sides of the carriage provide exceptional cure times, allowing for higher production capacity. Print media up to 4 inches thick and use the CMYK x2 or CMYKx2 plus white & varnish to create stunning projects with outstanding durability and color gamut.

The PJ 2508UF comes standard with an automatic media registration pin system with “blowback” feature for easier handling and positioning of media, a static elimination system, and an auto media thickness detector. The PerformanceJet 2508UF delivers outstanding output you expect and provides the reliability you need in a UV/LED flatbed, making it the smart choice for any production shop.

MSRP:  $89,995



Hybrid Printer


The ValueJet 1638UH 64” hybrid printer provides real production based UV-LED performance at an affordable price.   Its staggered dual print head design provides high print speeds and the dual UV lamps, on either side of the print heads, provide exceptional cure times allowing for higher production capacity.  Because it’s a hybrid, it not only gives you the ability to print on rigid substrates, it also gives you the flexibility to print on roll media as well.  Print on material up to a half inch thick and save valuable floor space with its dual function and multiple application design.  The CMYK plus white and varnish ink options are ideal for printing packaging prototypes, POP displays, and indoor signage.The possibilities are endless.

It’s never been easier to create packaging prototypes, POP displays, signage, yard signs and much more!

MSRP:  $59,995  $46,495 Thru 12/30/22


XpertJet 661UF - UV-LED Printer


Mutoh's XPJ-661UF 19.02 x 23.3 inch

tabletop UV-LED, flatbed printer opens the door to limitless applications. Print on a variety of materials, including 3D objects, up to 5.9 inches thick with Mutoh’s 100% solid UV-LED ink and optional rotary printing attachment. The flatbed printer comes standard with Mutoh Edition FlexiSign & Print RIP software, printer stand, vacuum table and all-in-one CD for easy one step installation.

Print directly to create custom promotional items, awards, mugs, signage and much more. The XPJ-661UF offers up to six color capability, including white and varnish ink and Smart Printing technologies such as Intelligent Interweave print technique. Built to perform and priced to compete, the XPJ-661UF is a smart choice for any print shop.

MSRP:  $28,995


XpertJet 461UF - UV-LED Printer


Mutoh's XpertJet 461UF 19 x 13-inch, compact UV/LED flatbed printer offers a sleek modern design, larger printable surface area and window for safe viewing, an updated touch­screen panel, an improved LED lamp and an optional vacuum table providing the ability for increased printing depth and more. These enhancements, along with the improved ease of use and easier maintenance, will increase both productivity and profitability.

The Mutoh XPJ-461UF allows for finer texture layers which instantly adds value to any print. Tie that in with Mutoh’s Local Dimming Control Technology, you now have the ability to add high glossy finishes easily in one pass. The Mutoh XPJ-461UF is a great addition to your arsenal and will definitely add profits to your business.

MSRP:  $20,995


ValueJet 1628MH Hybrid
Flat Bed/Roll Fed Printer

The ValueJet 1628MH is the most affordable hybrid printer on the market. It not only gives you the ability to print on rigid substrates, but it also gives you the flexibility to print on roll media with print speeds up to 360 sqft/hour.  Its dual function and multiple application design saves you valuable floor space and is ideal for printing packaging prototypes, trade show graphics, POP displays, indoor and outdoor signage, even vehicle wraps. The 1628MH also comes with a Mutoh’s VSM app for remote printer management, a 5/8″ print head height, faster print speeds,  head-crash sensor, and ability to print white ink makes the VJ1628MH a smart choice for all of your printing applications.

MSRP:  $49,995   $32,496 Thru 12/30/22

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