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Air Egress technology allows trapped air to escape almost instantly for time-saving application. Removable grey Air Egress adhesive. 3-5 year outdoor expectancy.

Mojave Premium Calendered Vinyl w/Air Egress 4mil

  • Size 30” x 50YD Part No. SPE3(4)00GWR/GR3050
    Size 54” x 25YD Part No. SPE3(4)00GWR/GR5425
    Size 54” x 50YD Part No. SPE3(4)00GWR/GR5450
    Size 60” x 25YD Part No. SPE3(4)00GWR/GR6025
    Size 60” x 50YD Part No. SPE3(4)00GWR/GR6050
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