Formulated for exceptional durability, Eco-Ultra Ink features unbeatable scratch resistance under the most aggressive conditions, which is critical to the production of banners and other graphics. Revolutionary Eco-Ultra is more efficient than ever, providing rich ink density for bright vivid prints, quicker drying time, and no-odor or fumes to manage. In addition, the improved Eco-Ultra Ink is tougher than ever before and boosts the performance of Mutoh's ValueJet printers. MSRP $69.99

Mutoh EcoUltra 220ml Ink

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  • Cyan 220 ml Part No. VJ-MSINK3A-CY220
    Magenta 220 ml Part No. VJ-MSINK3A-MG220
    Yellow 220 ml Part No. VJ-MSINK3A-YE220
    Black 220 Mil Part No. VJ-MSINK3A-BK220
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