MUTOH ECO-UV LED Ink - Mutoh's Environmentally friendly ECO-UV in for the VJ 426UF and VJ 1626 UH printer is an energy efficient solution, it's 100% solid, meaning no VOCs or HAPs.  Print to almost any surface Mutoh's ECO-UV ink and the white and varnish ink expand your ability to create a variety of effects such as increased opacity, matte or gloss finishes and layers of varnish for added texture and embossing. MSRP $90.00

Mutoh UV LED Ink

Product option
  • Cyan 220 ml Part No. VJ-LHU1-CY220U
    Magenta 220 ml Part No. VJ-LHU1-MG220U
    Yellow 220 ml Part No. VJ-LHU1-YE220U
    Black 220 ml Part No. VJ-LHU1-BK220U
    White 220 ml Part No. VJ-LHU1-WH220U
    Varnish 220 ml Part No. VJ-LHU1-VA220U
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