A premium grade application and pre-space tape with a superior pucker and tear resistant paper and High Tack adhesive level. The unique adhesive characteristics allow this product to be used on paper-faced substrates without tearing or picking off finish, such as show cards, poster and foam board. 
100 Yard Rolls.

Premium Lay Flat Transfer Tape 1.25"-12" widths

  • Size 1.25” Part No. 1.25100
    Size 2.25” Part No. 2.25100
    Size 3.25” Part No. 3.25100
    Size 4.25” Part No. 4.25100
    Size 5.25” Part No. 5.25100
    Size 6.5” Part No. 6.5100
    Size 8.5” Part No. 8.5100
    Size 10.5” Part No. 10.5100
    Size 12” Part No. 12100
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