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Transfer on to almost any fabric; dri fit, cotton, polyester and stretch lycra and spandex. 23 Standard colors and works great with all plotters and cutters that accept 20” media. Bonds to textiles in just 3 seconds, peels hot or cold, reflection free finish and is laminated with a unique heat sealing adhesive for quick bonding and long lasting graphics.  The excellent opacity and elasticity make it perfect for sports and leisurewear decoration too. Not suitable for nylon.
White, Black, Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Bordeaux, Yellow, Grey, Orange, Gold, Silver, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Apple Green, Lime, Dark Green, Fuchsia, Light Orange,
Lemon, Purple, Brown, Charcoal

Sterling Select HTV

  • Size 20” x 1YD Part No. HTVSS-1
    Size 20” x 5YD Part No. HTVSS-5
    Size 20” x 10YD Part No. HTVSS-10
    Size 20” x 15YD Part No. HTVSS-15
    Size 20” x 27YD Part No. HTVSS-27
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