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Reverse Cut and Weed, Pre-heat garment
2-3 Seconds, Press with Medium Pressure at 315 - 340 degrees
for 3 seconds. Peel Cold. Adheres to 100% Cotton, Poly/Cotton Blends, 100% Uncoated Polyester and Leather.
Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, Blue

Sterling Select HTV Fluorescents

  • Size 20” x 1YD Part No. HTVSSFL-1
    Size 20” x 5YD Part No. HTVSSFL-5
    Size 20” x 10YD Part No. HTVSSFL-10
    Size 20” x 15YD Part No. HTVSSFL-15
    Size 20” x 27YD Part No. HTVSSFL-27
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