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Simply the best cutting mat for protecting your table top and extending the life of your cutting blades. Made from virgin high impact polymer blend and is super tough.

XTREME Cutting Mats Unprinted

  • Size 24” x 48” Part No. CM2448
    Size 48” x 72” Part No. CM46
    Size 48” x 96” Part No. CM48
    Size 48” x 120” Part No. CM410
    Size 48” x 144” Part No. CM412
    Size 60” x 96” Part No. CM58
    Size 60” x 120” Part No. CM510
    Size 60” x 144” Part No. CM512
    Size 72” x 120” Part No. CM610
    Size 76” x 144” Part No. CM612
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