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Printer Wellness Check                                                 $325 *

Your equipment is in trusted and capable hands with our factory certified Mutoh and Roland technicians. With many years of service and commitment to excellence, GTS offers service you can count on. We use only OEM service parts whenever possible, and we do not warrant or guarantee any 3rd party parts or service.


Schedule your Printer Welness Check today and receive our 27 point inspection and a thorough service level cleaning as recommended by the manufacturer. Our technicians will diagnose, make recommendations and advise of any problems or potential risks.


Our technician will also check:


Cap Tops


Print Head/s

Scan Motor

Feed Motor

Rail and Head Travel

Print Enviroment

Feed System


RIP Settings

Printer Settings


Cutting Conditions

Blade Condition

Blade Holder

Cutting Strip

Print/Cut Alignments

Crop Cut Alignments

Print Head Condition

Head Alignments

Scan Wire or Belt

Ink Delivery System

Sensor Checks

Take Up System

Drain & Waste Tank


Circuitry and Electrical System

* Authorized services performed in addition to the preventive maintenance will be billed at discounted rates of $125.00/hour, normally $160/hour.  Maintenance parts do vary by model and extra charges may apply depending on the model of your machine. Use the "request a quote" button for a specific quote on your model. If service parts are recomended by our technicians, an authorization to replace and confirmation of payment, must be recieved by the equipment owner. Discounted service retes are limited to work performed during the visit. Authorized Parts in addition to the wipers and mist pads will be billed accordingly. Additional travel charges will be assessed for destinations greater than 50 miles from our Acworth, GA location at .75 cents per mile.

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